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Dedicated to dry, atopy-prone skin. The skin barrier is strengthened,  Irritations and itching caused by dry skin are soothed.

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  • Upper limbs         

    • Smooth from the wrist to the armpits

    - Torso    
    • Place your hands, completely flat, at the base of the stomach o Make large, circular movements, moving up towards the neck, keeping the hands parallel, o At the neck, move your hands down across the shoulders with an embracing movement,          
    • Place your hands under the armpits, put the child to sit down with their head against your shoulder.

    - Back  
    • Place your hands on the small of the back,
    • Make large, circular movements, moving up towards the nape of the neck
    • For a more relaxing effect, massage the back with the child lying flat on the stomach, using a technique similar to that used for the torso.
    • Nape of the neck o Make circular movements,          
    • If necessary, move upwards to the ears; massage with the tips of the fingers making sure to include the point between the earlobe and the cheek.

    - Face
    • Warm the cream on your fingers only, massage using your fingers, but keeping both hands symmetrical,    
    • Place the fingers flat on the top of the forehead, move down to the temples and then to the nose by sliding your fingers under the eyes
    • Move down to the nostrils,       
    • Smooth hands over the cheeks and move down to the neck, passing hands over the chin,
    • If necessary, apply the emollient to the eyelids, the mouth and the corners of the lips with the tips of your fingers.

  • Put the child to lie down. Before massaging each area, take a small quantity of the emollient and warm it between your hands.

    - The lower limbs

    • Smooth from the ankle up to the upper thigh.
    • Begin at the back then move to the front.

    - Hands

    • Place the child’s hands on your fingers,
    • Massage by rotating your thumbs,
    • Massage the back of each hand from the tips of the fingers to the wrist.

    - Feet
    • Place the child’s foot on your thigh and place your hands at the top of the ankle,
    • Massage by rotating your thumbs,
    • Massage the sole of each foot, moving up from each toe towards the ankle,  
    • Massage the base of each foot with the thumbs as well as each toe.

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