Dermatological care offering optimal tolerance to all allergy-prone skin types.


Dermatological care offering optimal tolerance to all allergy-prone skin types.

The daily life of reactive skin is governed by the unexpected: it reacts to everything, even the most unpredictable things. Several types of skin sensitivities can be observed: cases of severe intolerance in which hypersensitivity is experienced as a major constraint. But also more moderate cases where this sensitivity simply leads to taking care of the skin for more hydration, comfort and safety.

Fortunately, there are solutions to take care of your skin and regain some form of peace of mind!


Tolérance CONTROL

The dermatological skin care range to control the skin reactivity of hypersensitive, intolerant and allergic skin types.

Some women have hypersensitive skin: it reacts to everything... all the time! These unpredictable skin reactions are a real constraint in daily life.

Stinging, redness, tightness: these are manifestationsof skin discomfort caused by stimuli to which it shouldn’t normally react. This is what’s known as skin hyper-sensitivity. So how can we predict these reactions that shouldn’t occur? 

Avène Dermatological Laboratories have developed Tolérance CONTROL, a range composed of two new highly innovative skin care products to immediately calm the skin while reducing its sensitivity over the long term.

Ready to stop letting your skin decide your reactions?



Restorative Soothing Cream

  • Calms and reduces skin sensitivity over the long term
  • Intensely hydrates and restores the skin barrier
  • 98% natural

Is your skin hypersensitive? Does it react at any opportunity?

The Tolérance CONTROL Cream immediately soothes stinging, tightness and hot flushes. Its high tolerance formula, tested on allergic skin, is guaranteed to be fragrance- and preservative-free. It’s the perfect everyday ally to control unpredictable skin reactions!


Soothe my skin


My skincare, my hero!

30 seconds¹Time it takes to soothe the skin
-70%²skin sensitivity



Gel Cleanser Lotion

  • Cleanses and removes make-up in a single step, without the need to rinse
  • Does not irritate the skin, fragrance-free
  • 99% natural

With its very soft texture, this lotion melts into the skin. Highly concentrated in Avène thermal spring water, it gently cleanses and respects the skin barrier, avoiding feelings of tightness and irritation.


Cleanse my skin



At the heart of our range

  • <h4 class="">D-Sensinose&trade;</h4><p>Actif postbiotique brevet&eacute;, calme la peau et contr&ocirc;le son hyper-r&eacute;activit&eacute;.&nbsp;</p>
    D-Sensinose™Actif postbiotique breveté, calme la peau et contrôle son hyper-réactivité. 
  • <h4 class="">Eau thermale d&rsquo;Av&egrave;ne</h4><p>Restitue toutes ses propri&eacute;t&eacute;s apaisantes et anti-irritantes.</p>
    Eau thermale d’AvèneRestitue toutes ses propriétés apaisantes et anti-irritantes.

A dermatological innovation

A tailor-made active ingredient for hypersensitive skin: D-SENSINOSE™

Avène Dermatological Laboratories have taken a new scientific step by developing a 3rd generation biotechnological active ingredient, derived from the unique microbiota (biological heritage) of Avène Thermal Spring Water: D-Sensinose™.

The 1st ultra-calming postbiotic active ingredient capable of acting directly on the sensory neurons present in the skin, to control skin hypersensitivity.


A new "smart" formula


Our Skin Affinity formulas perfectly mimic the skin's natural composition to promote action at the heart of the epidermis. Each ingredient acts in a targeted way, with just the right dose and in the right place. These "next-generation" formulas offer intense hydration and long-lasting restoration of the skin barrier.

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Tolérance EXTRÊME

The high tolerance skin care range for moisturising sensitive skin—purely and simply.

Too many promises, too many ingredients? 

There's really nothing to hide in our moisturisers.

No over-promising or over-formulation, no preservatives or fragrances: just the 7 ingredients essential for hydrating and protecting sensitive skin. Nothing more!

When you read the composition, we guarantee your head won’t spin. Tolérance EXTRÊME takes care of your skin without overloading it. Ready to get back to the basics? 






  • Intensely moisturises
  • 0% preservatives and fragrances

Is your sensitive skin dehydrated? Tolérance EXTREME Cream focuses on the most crucial thing: moisturising, with the 7 essential ingredients your skin needs. No more, no less. Its highly tolerated, preservative-free formula simply respects the skin microbiome.


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The guarantee of efficiency and safety

To meet the protection needs of sensitive skin, Pierre Fabre laboratories have revolutionised dermo-cosmetics by creating a process that is one of a kind: Sterile Cosmetics®. This technological feat means that preservatives areno longer needed. A composition with minimal ingredients, the sterilisation of the products throughout the manufacturing process and perfectly hermetically-sealed packaging ensure the purity, safety and effectiveness of our products.

The Tolérance CONTROL and Tolérance EXTRÊME ranges benefit from this technological prowess and guarantee the highest level of safety and tolerance that sensitive skin so badly needs!




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Hypersensitive skin manifests itself by recurring unpleasant sensations such as stinging, tightness or hot flushes. Some people even say that their skin "hurts". Although invisible to the naked eye, these sensations can make everyday life difficult.
If your skin becomes uncomfortable without knowing why, flushes easily when you get out of the shower, or feels tight when the temperature changes, then you probably have hypersensitive skin.

It’s important to take care of your skin on a daily basis with the right cosmetic products. Make sure you choose gentle, high-tolerance products, without potentially irritating or allergenic substances, and preferably without fragrances or preservatives.
For cleansing and make-up removal, it’s better to use no-rinse formulas to avoid the drying effect of running water, which is sometimes hard. We also advise you to choose textures that can be applied directly with your fingertips, to avoid the friction associated with cotton pads.

As we know, some skin types can't tolerate anything. Thanks to Sterile Cosmetics® technology, we eliminate all types of preservatives from our formulas.
All of our Tolérance products are formulated without fragrances and are made in a sterile environment. Their perfectly hermetically-sealed packaging ensures they are preserved and protects them from any risk of contamination after opening. They contain only the ingredients essential to their effectiveness, rigorously selected to guarantee optimal tolerance by the most sensitive skin.

1User satisfaction, 25 subjects, 3 months, 2 applications per day. 2Sensitive scale: assessment of clinical and functional signs of skin irritability, 25 subjects. Results observed immediately after application of Tolérance Control Cream. 3HI kinetics, 26 subjects

*Linked to dry skin.

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